In today’s world, our lives have become more centred on the pursuit of financial success and the amassing of ever-increasing amounts of material possessions. Rather than being surrounded by natural beauty, we live in man-made environments composed of concrete. Despite the fact that highly improved technology has brought us closer together, the problem of loneliness in our community is far more serious than it has ever been.

Because of these reasons, the majority of individuals today are dealing with stress and anxiety related problems in their daily lives. And to deal with these problems, it is important to take out some peaceful moments to just relax and calm our minds. Music therapy, spending time in nature or watching its videos, spending time with pets, doing good deeds, etc are some of the best ways to do this. And thankfully, there’s a good youtube channel to help us with all of this!

Laugh & Relax is a youtube channel dedicated to helping you stay calm, happy and relaxed. Its goal is to help people live a better life by providing them resources necessary to maintain a healthy mind and body. On this channel, you will find many videos to help you refresh your mind and rejuvenate your mood. 

The channel has many calming music videos with soothing visuals. It also has many heartwarming videos of nature including trees and flowers, sea waves and waterfalls, beautiful landscapes and clouds and much more. Along with this, there are many videos featuring videos and sounds of natural phenomena like rain, breeze, thunder, and so on. 

But that’s not all this channel has. As bonus content, the channel also brings to us videos of cute animals, and other soothing wildlife videos with birds, butterflies, sea animals like turtles and much more. 

All the videos that this channel brings to us are based on various studies and research made over many decades. There are many studies and researches that disclose the best ways of reducing stress. While there are many ways to do that, it is found that the best ways to do this while sitting in the comfort of your home include listening to calming music, listening to sounds of natural phenomena, watching the videos of nature, animals and cute pets, and so on. And this channel brings to you all of that.

So if you are somebody who just wants to take a break from a hectic life and have some moments of peace and pleasure, then do check out this channel. It has many videos that will definitely help you in attaining the desired state of mind.