The channel I want to talk about today got created back in 2014. It is a YouTube channel that has music videos and music beats. There are only a few videos on the channel, but each one is outstanding with lovely and top quality music.

Everyone loves music, but not each song is loved by everyone. Well, I feel these beats are those kind of tracks that is impossible to not appreciate or have a pleasant feeling when listening.

High-quality content on the channel and you can see it is aimed to provide joy to the visitors and value for the community.

In fact, most beats are free (also for commercial use) so that YouTubers or artist can use them for their new songs. And to find such beats for free it is a blessing. Let’s see the channel more in detail.

The channel is Ad’s Publishing 🙂

What Is Special About it

The specialty of AD Publishing is that it provides the viewers with soulful music beats and awesome videos. Every video is different from the other ones on the YouTube channel. If you have free time, this channel is suitable for having a great time. The music can release your work stress.

The Videos I Like The Most On The Channel – And That I Recommend

AD Publishing has not posted too many videos on the YouTube channel, but each video has some remarkable quality, making it worth appreciation. There are lots of channels which upload many videos and have low average quality, but AD’s Publishing maintains its high standard. A few of my most favorite videos include the following:

Piano melody type beat (Free for profit)

Piano melody type beat (Free for profit) is the most sensational audio that I have ever listened to. I admire many music beats initially, but with time, I get bored, but I don’t know why this video has unique space in my heart. The beat is stylish that you would have never heard before. I do not get bored with this music even I listen to it for hours. The piano beat has won my heart. Piano melody type beat is the best publication so far on this YouTube channel and the best thing is that it’s free for creators and musicians to use, even for profit.

AD’s Ruff Time ~ Tav0

AD’s Ruff Time is another fantastic music video created by GD Beats. The music is unique, and the lyrics are also up to the mark. The meaningful and heart-touching words make the song out of class. I keep listening to this song over and over again. You should watch AD’s Ruff Time; it is a lovely song with the best music beat. Only thing, the video is black. Surely the tracks is amazing and makes 90% of the video, but I felt like a track like this deserved also a great video. Anyway, 9/10, you don’t want to miss this.

Tav0 & MBK horrid Snappin )

Here is another video that I watch the most, the Tav0 & MBK horrid Snappin. The exciting thing I like about the video is the sound of the vocalist and the music beat. If you love music, watch this video. The music and the lyrics are pleasurable. Really, not much to say. Listen to it and see yourself.

That was all about AD’s Publishing. Hope you found the article helpful and enjoy his beats the same way I do. I personally see this artist becoming famous in a few years, because he is young and skilled. And I am never wrong.