Whether you love good trap beats or you are an artist looking for unique beats as background for his music tracks, I found a channel for you.

A YouTube channel that is about trap beat, which is the backing sound of trap music, i.e., a subcategory of hip hop music.

This tracks channel is a one-person army type of concept that lives in the United States. The truth is that all of his beats are pretty sick, and the people who like trap music will love it. And the fun part that makes him different from all the other artists is that he openly sells his beats.

So, if you like any of his music, you can conveniently comment in the comment section, and he will respond to you. And he will tell you the actual cost and the way to pay it. 

This is a screenshot I took from his channel. I don’t wanna spoil too much but you can see he is a pro, who even got his verified badge

Why should everyone watch Hazo Madelt YouTube Channel?

Most of the time, you don’t watch a channel only for entertainment. Instead, you like to get a better understanding of things through that medium. Hazo MadeIt YouTube Channel offers so much to people into rapping and hip hop but who do’t know the basics. Many of his videos are about different types of track music beats and hip hop beats overall, which is quite informative.

And apart from that, there are specific music videos on Hazo Madelt YouTube Channel that blends with a particular type of groovy or fast beat, which is again smart. The videos become more interactive and fun when he includes his son and his nephew in them.

My Personal Favourites

Though all the music videos on his YouTube Channel sounds so good, I listen to some of my favorites on repeat. 

  • Gunna type beat

The first trap music beat that caught my attention on Hazo Madelt YouTube channel was Gunna type beat. And once you click on that video, it’s tough to focus on something else. The blues will get you like no other, so my suggestion would be that watch it when you have time. The beat is one of his exclusive, and he is selling it for $500, which is fair. But if you want to go for the lease option, you will have to pay $100. The music starts on a very groovy note, but you can hear a sound similar to unique jingle bells in the middle. Overall I loved the track so much because it surprised me the way it was unfolding. So, I would 100% recommend everyone to listen to it. 

  • Guicci man type beat. Trap beat

Just like Gucci, the Guicci man type beat sounds quite posh and right to the ears. If you like watching thrillers or crime types of movies, you will relate to this trap beat a lot more. Because it’s almost like you’re watching a high budget commercial movie, and the track is playing in the background, which is fantastic. Go to beat is quite sick and stays for only a minute or two but the guy’s hilarious conversations to the camera make it interesting to watch. A few seconds in the video, you will get to hear some sounds like a girl’s voice that’s like a calm wave in chaos, so do check it out.

  • T E C Type Beat Hazo Made It

Finally, the music video that made me this musician’s fan, is, T E C type beat. You can get that exclusively for $200, and on a lease, you can pay $100. If you are into tech beats, you will enjoy it thoroughly. The pace remains the same in the total 5 minutes timeframe of the video. So, pump yourself up and check that out. 

With that, we would like to conclude our suggestions for Hazo MadeIt YouTube Channel. We hope you will check him out on YouTube if you are a true Hip Hop stan and tell us what you like the most about it.  

And if you an artist, you could also lease or get an exclusive license for your upcoming music!