Do you have any asset you wanna share with the YouTube creators community? We would all love that. 🙂

You can share your..

  • Royalty free tracks
  • Overlays and editing packs
  • Effects and transitions plug-ins
  • YouTube and VSEO Knowledge

Any element you decide to share, will have a unique page where we can add links to your social media, YouTube channel or website.

If you want to share something cool with us, send us an email with a link to your element and what links you would like to be included in your element’s page.


Please keep in mind that any element you send to get featured will require you to sign a form that allows – to any user who found the element through our website – to use it forever.

For exemple, if you share a royalty free track which in 2 years from now you decide to add to content id, any user who found it our website is legally allowed to keep using it without copyright problems.

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