Poetic Narrators is a YouTube channel where the two talented rap artists named Aaron Brownz and Destiny Kay tell the stories. Both of them are such amazing artists. The artists belong to the United States. Their creative ideas of telling stories through songs in their short films put the viewer in suspense. The endings are unexpected, which makes the viewer curious. The videos are thought-provoking and present before you the reality. The type of music they produce is indie music which most of the youngsters like to listen to.

The duo produces indie music

Indie Music is independent music; as the name suggests, no major record label is involved in producing such music. It includes both rock and pop music. This music was originated in the United States of America. Poetic Narrator’s music is also an example of indie music. Their style is influential and incredibly diverse. They are producing high-quality and meaningful music that is worth listening to.

What is the Poetic Narrator’s?

The poetic narrator’s is a YouTube channel that has different stories about the issues of the community. There are various stories on the YouTube channel few of them are welcome home, destiny kay, intimacy with the mind, brotherly love, state of adversity, and so on. All of the videos have fantastic background music that makes the video interesting, and the creativity of narrating a story is just classy. Most of the stories are relatable to the community and based on true stories. The channel is going viral, and people love the unique stuff. All the videos are amazing, but the videos I liked the most and recommended you to watch are given below!

State of Adversity Part 1

State of adversity is the best video on the channel; this story is based on depression. There are two brothers Eddie and Oscar. They live with their loving mother. The mother died in accidents, and Eddie fell into severe depression. That was a very challenging situation for both the brothers. Eddie, due to his behavior, was shot dead. The video is eye-opening; the rap stars, through their story, made me realize that sometimes people are smiling around us, but their mental state is quite different from what it seems to be. It is our responsibility to understand the situation our loved ones are going through. The video has a second part as well.

Brotherly Love

The video titled brotherly love is about a brother named Gabriel and his sister Mariah. He advised his sister to focus on her studies. When she fell in love with his friend Chad, her brother does not agree at all. But afterward, he was happy with their relationship. Chad later gets involved with another girl who got pregnant. The brother got angry being protective of her sister. Chad explained the situation to his friend, and he seemed to support Chad, but in reality, he tricked Chad and planned to punish him for messing up with his sister. Overall the story is emotional. Many brothers and sisters can relate to the story and learn a lesson from it.

Intimacy of Mind

The intimacy of mind is another great video with the title intimacy with the mind. The lyrics are amazing, the concept is creative, it is a fantastic video, and the lyrics influence you to think about nakedness with the mind. The artists have rocked, and the story revolves around a relationship between a boy and his girlfriend. The poetic lyrics are about mental and physical intimacy.

There are other videos available on the channel that you must not be missing. The talented independent artists present the stories with their best music merging rap and storytelling. A curious yet amazing mix!