Emily enjoys good music, fun trips, beautiful photos, and a great life. Her love for good music is evident as she immerses herself in the melodies that resonate with her soul. Whether it’s the soothing tunes of classical compositions or the upbeat rhythms of modern pop hits, Emily savors every note and lets the music carry her away into a world full of emotions and inspiration. And when it comes to fun trips, Emily embraces adventure with open arms; she craves new experiences and seeks out destinations that captivate her imagination. From hiking through lush forests to exploring vibrant cities filled with history and culture, these trips fuel her thirst for knowledge and broaden her perspective on life. Let’s check out her vlogs-

Emily's Music Atelier

Emily’s Music Atelier is the YouTube channel of all rounder musician Emily. She is an amazingly talented artist. Emily S Y Liu is a concert pianist, photographer, educator, music producer & visual artist. She is the founder of Mimid Music (Classical Music Production Company based in Stockholm). She holds master’s degrees from University of Arts in Stockholm, The Royal Danish Academy of Music and Malmö Academy of Music.

Nature of Videos

The videos of Emily’s Music Atelier are musical and fun-loving by nature. You will find creative videos of music, concerts, songs, trips, photography, motivational and many more. Here are some of the exciting videos by Emily-

A Musical Exhibition / A Photographic Concert

Unexpected journey to the Hometown of Chopin

Prepare to be mesmerized by Emily’s melodious performances as she effortlessly plucks at heartstrings with every stroke of her instrument. Through stunning visuals that capture fleeting moments filled with laughter and adventure from exciting trips around the globe, Emily seamlessly intertwines her passion for travel with the universal language of music. Join this extraordinary artist on a voyage through sight and sound – let go of inhibitions while discovering new sounds that speak directly to your soul – only at Emily’s Music Atelier.