Music is something that everybody loves to listen to. It’s probably the best form of entertainment. But it is definitely more than that. Music gives an amazing sensation to our ears. It relaxes our mind, refreshes it and lets go of all the stress that we have. It’s a great way to express our thoughts and emotions. Music is something that we do whenever we are very happy or want to celebrate, or sad and seek some comfort, or enraged and want some boost of motivation and much more. In short, music gives us the type of vibe we want. And that’s why many people, apart from just listening to it, love to sing it as well. 

For those with a good voice, music easily becomes a passion. They sing because they love to sing and make people entertained and happy with what they sing. And for those who like to get entertained by music and love to listen to emerging artists sing for them, we have found a good youtube vlog! 

Miracle Basi is an emerging music artist. He is really passionate about music and made this youtube channel to share all his works with all of us. To get better at music, she sings cover versions of many popular songs and appreciates comments of music lovers from around the world regarding what they think of her singing and how she can improve. Plus she is a bit multi talented. Apart from singing, she also loves to write songs. She already has a few original songs and looks forward to making more of them as she gets better over time.

So let’s join her on her music journey and sing some songs with her!

Here’s a cover version of Jolene – Miley Cirus by Miracle Basi. Enjoy!

But wait..! Music is not all that her youtube channel is about. It is her personal vlog and she loves to share with us other things she loves as well. She is an avid foodie and loves to try different cuisines and dishes, she is also a fitness enthusiast and yoga and meditation are part of her life. Plus she enjoys doing makeup and taking care of her skin and hair as well. So expect some of these videos every few weeks. 

Here’s a video about when she tries food from a new restaurant and rates. But she is a musician so nothing can be without music. She sings songs to describe what the food tasted like to her and whether she likes it or not. Watch the video to join her on this musical food tasting journey.

This youtube channel has many music videos to keep you entertained plus a bunch of other interesting vlogs to keep you hooked. So watch these videos and tell us what you think of them by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.