We are living in an era of talent and knowledge. Despite the fact that there are billions of individuals, only those with excellent skills and in-depth knowledge command the vast majority of resources. Entrepreneurs and artists are the major people in today’s world as they have the skill and knowledge, plus passion and vision to change the world and make it a better place.

The wisdom that these people together command is priceless. If you are a person who is interested in learning from such wisdom plus getting entertained at the same time; we have found a great youtube channel for you!

Product As The Star is an amazing youtube channel that brings interesting interviews to us. Will Cunningham, the music mogul, serves as the host of Product as the Star. He combines his 25 years of radio experience with his decades of experience as an Original Recording Artist to offer you the most insightful interviews in music, business, and entertainment today! Their goal is to bring the greatest products and events from entrepreneurs and entertainers across the world to the attention of common people like you and me. These in-depth interviews allow us to get to know these people, learn from their personalities and wisdom, and be entertained as well, as they discuss interesting topics on the show.

Let’s check out some great interviews from their channel!

In today’s era, it’s important to understand the point of view of these influential people – the entrepreneurs, the artists, the media persons and so on. Their vision, how they see the world currently and what they are planning next, all these things offer important insights. Plus these interviews are interesting to watch as well. 

If you are a person interested in watching interviews of influential people, then this youtube channel is really a great one for you. So watch these videos and don’t forget to share your thoughts about them with us by writing in the comments section below.