Talented artists play a big role in our lives. They may be tv artists, movie artists, music artists, fashion or design artists or any other one, but they are the ones who add colours and flavours to our lives. They definitely entertain us and make our lives happier and easier to live. But that’s not all artists give to us. An artist is a lot more than just entertainment. Artists elicit emotional responses from their audiences, aid in the communication of critical issues, and contribute to the development of a better society. Imagine tv stars or music artists, with their shows and music they can always highlight important issues that require the attention of society. 

So whether it’s about entertainment or contribution to society, we all have a favourite one. Those are the people we look forward to, we copy their styles, their way of living and a lot more about them has an influence on us. That’s why many people remain interested in getting to know their favourite stars closely. And if you are one such person, then here’s a great youtube channel for you!

Our Times Eq. is a youtube channel that brings you closer to many of your favourite artists. Every Sunday, they bring you incredible interviews in which you will be able to discover more about your favourite musicians and talents in the industry. In addition, you will discover more about their perspectives, life lessons, and interesting anecdotes from their experiences, and much more. There are in-depth interviews with a lot of interesting conversations, fun and drama along the way, so be ready to get entertained while knowing all about the famous personalities you care about.

So let’s get personal with your favourite artists and see some interviews from this channel right now!

It is highly recommended that you check out this YouTube channel if you are interested in seeing interviews with famous people including tv artists, movie artists, design artists, music artists and more. Take a look at these videos and also don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us by posting in the comments box at the bottom of this page.