Music is what enchants our life. Music fills our lives with energy, it enriches our soul and gives wings to our imagination. Music that has rhythms and melodies that are easily hummed along to is something that we all adore. Listening to music and living it in the present moment is the best form of pleasure for many of us. Fill music with powerful and meaningful words and music is all set to give winds to our emotions as well. And this is where rap is born.

Rap is a unique form of music. Rappers make music by using rhythm, impactful words, and vocal tone. In a sense, then kind of blend words with music, that goes on to become a perfect representation of our emotions and situations. And that’s why rap music is such a popular genre of music all over the world. And if you are a fan of rap music, here’s a great youtube channel for you.

Mr Streetz is a famous and versatile musician from London. Mr Streetz began his musical career on the streets of London, but he has spent the better part of his early life exploring other parts of the globe. This has inspired him to incorporate the influences of different cultures into his music. From extremely simple acoustic sounds to hard-hitting bass, his musical skill has it all. Because of such versatile music skills, his songs appeal to a large section of music lovers and even to those with different tastes. 

The channel we are talking about here is his official youtube channel, where you will find some of his best rap songs and music videos. So let’s get on a groovy journey right now and check out some amazing songs from his channel!

His music collection has a wide variety of songs that you can choose to listen to based on your life situation and mood. Overall it’s a great youtube channel, with fine music and impactful lyrics. So if you like to listen to music, and if you are a fan of rap music, just check out all the music videos, and also tell us about them in the comments area below.