The YouTube channel I am going to discuss today is all about energetic music and great sing along melodies. This channel is for big fans of music like you and me, who are always in search of great music artists, who can satisfy their never dying thirst for good melodies. And to my good luck and yours, I recently came along with one such artist duo whose music skills are all set to make us divulge into that musical nirvana!

Kid Politics is an Indie Pop Rock Duo from Nashville in the United States of America. The artists Nick Arbuckle and Kelby Dover started their journey as the duo a few years back in 2016. In a small span of time they are already drawing comparisons to some of the big names in music like Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, 5 Seconds of Summer and OneRepublic. In 2020, Kid Politics has signed with Verge Records, an imprint of OneRPM.

The duo draws their inspiration from kids. According to the artists, people should be nice, like kids. Nice, playful, full of excitement and creativity, and with big dreams of achieving great feats and making the world a better place. They are poised to break through with sing along melodies, heart touching lyrics, and electric live shows. As of YouTube, their presence is still small compared to those big artists, but their music has a big impact on music lovers.

My Favourite Picks From The Kid Republic

The Kid Republic is a new music band, but listening to their music you realise that their music skills are not of a newbie. Their music feels like every part of it has been mastered passionately and you would like to listen to them more and more.

Personally, the song that enthralled me the most is “Kid Politics – Free”

Also checkout their fantastic new release “Kid Politics – Why Can’t It Be Us”

After listening to these two great pieces of music, I am sure you won’t be able to resist yourself to listen to all of their songs. With rising pop choruses delivered with a modern rock attitude, this band has discovered the heartbeat that can enthral a wide audience.

Check them out and let us know what you feel about their music in the comments below.