As a fan of popular music, I find people’s enthusiasm for it to be both fascinating and almost inspiring. When it comes to pop, you get essentially what you want. At the forefront of the music is the inherent escapism that it contains. The artist’s skill is in how he or she can carry a genre that is perceived as artificial and turn it into music that is actually iconic.

It has a catchy tune. It stays in your head and pops up at the most inopportune moments, causing you to subconsciously begin looking for the song, which is when they know they’ve got you. It’s usually simple to follow along with. Melodies that flow smoothly and lyrics that are relatively simple to sing. People enjoy humming along to their favourite musical selections. In most cases, it revolves around whatever is popular at the moment, which adds even more craze. And If you love these kinds of songs, then here’s an amazing youtube channel that will keep you humming all day!

Itzhak Menny Amram is a rising star in the music industry who showcases his creative spirit while trying to touch hearts with his voice and phrases without forgetting his roots in hip-hop and pop music. He started to explore his musical abilities at a very young age and discovered that he was a blessed drummer as well as a gifted vocalist. Today he uses his life experiences and journey to make music that has an impact on the world. He aspires to sing not only to the ears but to the depths of people’s souls.

Let’s checkout some catchy songs from her channel!

Menny met Sony producer Mike Gonsolin in 2018. Menny collaborated on some pop songs with Sean Kingston, who is well-known, and was produced by Mike Gonsolin of trend def studio, which is licensed by Sony Music Group. They released the song Wings in 2019, in which the audience didn’t only like his music, but also his bright, upbeat, and pleasant vibe. So if you have a passion for music, then you must check out this incredible music channel and share your thoughts about these beautiful songs in the comments area below.