Music with a catchy tune and rhythm is something we can all appreciate. For many of us, the finest kind of enjoyment is just listening to music in the moment. And it gets even better as we have music available for any mood or circumstance. But did you know that music has the power to transform your life in profound ways? Music affects our emotions, our brain, and our whole body in addition to just pleasing our ears. And due to this capability of music, it can help our brain calm down.

Music is something that soothes our brain, allowing it to feel at ease and calm down. With this comes relaxation to our mind and body. And it can help us get a better sleep as well. In fact, many researches are there to support all this. And if you are here to find a source of such relaxing music for yourself, then just keep reading. Because we have a great youtube channel for you!

Sleepy Sheepy is a youtube channel that is dedicated to helping people relax. They are in fact on a mission to help people around the world reduce stress and live a calmer and more satisfying life. That’s why they made this youtube channel where you will find some of the best and most soothing music to help you relax, de-stress and sleep. 

They use a mix of the right instruments, right frequencies and rhythms, and natural sounds to create the perfect music for your purpose. The music also comes with videos shot at some of the very peaceful and comforting locations to go along with the soothing music. The sum of all of this results in a music-video package that will make you feel refreshed and totally relaxed.

Let’s Checkout some amazing videos and music from this channel!

This piece of music uses binaural beats to help you relax. Binaural beats refer to sound perception that your brain creates. When you hear two tones, both at a variable wavelength and in separate ears, then your brain will construct a third tone that you will be able to hear between the two others. A binaural beat is a name given to this type of the third tone. And these beats are considered really effective for the purposes of sleep and relaxation.

Here’s another really helpful video from this channel. This video features the sounds of rain. Now you may wonder what the sound of rain showers has to do with sleep and relaxation. But let me tell you that, rain sounds and in fact, all kinds of natural sounds like the sound of birds and animals, sounds of breezes and sea waves, and even the sound of clouds and thunder, are really healthy for your brain. The brain perceives these sounds as a sign of being close to nature. Feeling connected to nature helps our brain relax and that’s why it can help us sleep better.

This channel surely has many amazing videos for any person who wants to get some relaxation and sleep better at night. So just watch these videos and also share your thoughts about them in the comments below.