Spending time in nature is extremely good for our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Imagine gazing at the vast sky with clouds, the greenery of the plants, the serene river, or the peaks of vast mountains in the distance. Imagine listening to the birds singing, a gentle breeze passing through trees, or the smashing of sea waves on the shore. It has been demonstrated in studies that spending time in nature, or even just picturing or watching videos of nature and listening to sounds, can have a positive effect on our state of mind.

Music, in a similar manner, may have a very positive impact both on our emotions and the physical body.  A softer tempo of music can calm our thoughts and loosen our muscles, allowing us to rest and unwind while also discharging the stress of our daily lives. You can also couple the soothing sights and sounds of nature, with calming music and what you get is a great way to relax and refresh your mind. And there is a youtube channel that already does this to provide us all with a healthier mind with positive energy.

Ethernia Relax is a youtube channel dedicated to producing amazing videos with beautiful natural sceneries and calming music. Nature scenes include the sky and clouds, rivers and oceans, mountains and landscapes, plants and flowers, animals and birds, and many other calming scenes. All their videos are accompanied by fine tuned and ambient music along with sounds of nature. The goal is to help you sleep, relax, study and meditate.

Let’s have some relaxing time right now and see some videos from this channel!

Here’s an amazing video from this channel which takes you to a beautiful and fulfilling journey to many beautiful landscapes around the world. You will walk through mountains and hills, covered with clouds on the top and grass and plants of all kinds on the bottom. You will sail through rivers and lakes and where you can let the waves take away all your stress and thoughts of your hectic day. A perfect video to refresh your mind.

Here’s another video from this channel with the night sky and the stars. A sight to help you leave all the stressful thoughts behind. The video also features water drop sounds along with slow paced ambient and spiritual music to help your mind stay calm, feel relaxed and sleep easily. 

If you are a person who is all fed up with the hectic nature of our modern lifestyle and want to relax and refresh your mind; or if you are any person who just wants to watch some beautiful nature videos, then you should definitely check out this channel. Watch its amazing videos and share your thoughts about them with us in the comments section below.