We all have a passion for listening to music. Music adds energy to our lives, it deepens our spirituality and gives flight to our feelings as well. For many people, music is the best form of entertainment they can have to refresh themselves. Many prefer music to be their favourite pastime and enjoyment. They love simply being present in the moment and listening to music. The best part is that there are songs to suit any emotion or circumstance. We have music for love, music for moments of pain, music for motivation, music for patriotism, music to pray to god, and whatnot

For those who really enjoy music, and for those who love to listen to various different forms of music, be it a concert or cultural music, we just discovered a great youtube channel!

Mahdi Afshar is the official youtube channel of this Afghan music artist who brings many wonderful songs to us through this youtube channel. Besides having a wonderful voice, he is also a really versatile singer and brings many different forms of music entertainment to us. On this channel, you will find new afghan songs, Pashto songs, love songs, patriotic songs and much more. 

He brings all his new releases and his recordings of his live concerts as well, on this youtube channel, so make sure you catch them all!


You can choose what to listen to from his extensive music collection depending on your mood at the time as well as the situations of your life. It is the musicians like these who have the ability to make so many different types of music to suit our every mood. They translate their skills, ideas and emotions into a beautiful song. And each song is a reflection of the musician’s distinct personality and the culture in which he was raised.

Overall, it’s a fantastic channel on YouTube, with some excellent music and lyrics that really get you thinking. If you enjoy listening to music and are a fan of afghan music, you should check out all of the music videos and share your thoughts about them in the comment section below.