Music is something that we describe as melody to our ears. It is a mixture of several types of sound blended together in perfect harmony that when it is played, our ears feel elated. Mixing sounds like this is not a science but an art. And because an artist’s imagination has no limitations, we have so many different types of music. With time, location, and culture, music keeps changing its form. And one of the most famous forms that emerged only a few decades ago is Hip Hop music.

Hip Hop music was not actually made, but it emerged. It emerged out of the needs and emotions of people as a medium to express their feelings and emotions. Today people all over the world are crazy about Hip Hop music. Because it appeals to them and relates to their life situations so closely. It has beats and music, it has art and style, and it has emotions and rage, all in one. And if you are a fan of such music, then here’s a great youtube channel for you!

George Getson is a youtube channel by himself. He is a hip-hop recording artist, composer, and producer from the United States. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Getson is a grandson of the late Jam Master Jay. He goes by the stage name “Gee Dub,” and has worked with artists such as G-Unit, Grafh, Chinx, KCamp, Maino, Cory Gunz, Fred The Godson, and others. His music plays on radio stations across the country, including HOT 97, 107.5 WBLS, Power 105.1, SHADE 45, and others, and has received more than 5 million streams on various platforms. His slogan for life is “WORKLIFE or No Life” and on his official youtube channel, he brings to us all of his latest solo songs and collaborations as well. 

So let’s tune in to his channel right now and listen to some of his best Hip Hop songs!

When you listen to his music, you can tell that the artist is clearly passionate about music. He is someone who is serious about his work and puts in considerable time and effort into improving and fine tuning every single song before he releases it to the public. His work has received a lot of praise from the music community as well. Getson has been dubbed as among the “Heaviest Spitters in the Game” by VEVO itself. His most recent release, “MADE 5”, peaked at #16 on the iTunes Top 20 Charts for the Hip-Hop Genre, and at #182 overall on the iTunes Top 200 Charts.

If you are a music lover and have a special craze about Hip Hop or Rap songs, then this youtube channel has a good collection that is worth checking out. So listen to these amazing songs and let us know your thoughts about them by posting in the comments below.