Music is a sound that is sweet to our ears. Music is an art that fills us with melodious emotions. Music is also a form of expression that allows the people to listen to their hearts and communicate effectively. That’s why good music is something we all crave for and love to listen to everyday in our lives. But due to the same reasons, music is not just a thing for your enjoyment and happiness. Music, as said above, is also a very effective medium of communication. It allows us to feel our emotions better and connect to all other people who feel the same way. That’s why music has always been used to fuel big movements for humag rights. And social activists know the importance of music. Music and the music artist have a big role to play in changing the world for good. Today let us meet one such music artist who is as passionate about good music as she is about changing the world for good!

Garcia Douglas is a youtube music channel by Gracia herself. Garcia began her musical journey as a kid, singing in church choirs and performing in school performances. She considered any chance to sing, whether as a background singer or in a group, to become a good artist. She has always enjoyed singing and entertaining others, and now as an adult, she believes that music can be a medium to bring change in the world and make everybody more hopeful.

Lets see some wonderful music videos from her channel!

Her songs are melodious to listen and appeals directly to our deepest heart feelings. The lyrics are such that we can easily relate them with our real lives. That’s because the lyrics to Gracia’s songs come directly from her feelings. She writes these songs naturally and besides aiming to make a melodious song, she also aims to communicate something important through her songs. Besides writing fun and dance songs, she writes most of her songs on social topics. Topics that bother most of us daily like fighting for our dreams, dealing with pain and depression, losing all hopes and so on. Through her songs she attempts to bring us hope in life and give us strength and motivation to deal with all the sufferings and achieve everything we want. She says that everything is possible and facing bad times is only a matter of time if we are positive and constantly keep working with positivity, patience and perseverance!

This is a great youtube channel for all music lovers and for those who believe that change in life is possible. What’s better than getting to listen to good music and getting a boost of positivity and motivation at the same time! Therefore, if you are a music lover, must  subscribe to her channel and tell us about her music through the comments below.