Instrumental music is the purest form of music. They use only instruments without the use of any vocals to tell a story or convey an emotion to the audience. The lack of words gives a lot of freedom to the musician who passionately plays the music involving several complex sets of notes which appeals directly to our mood and sense. The lack of words also gives enough space for our imagination to jump in and allow us to freely roam into the diving world of music.

A good piece of instrumental music offers a very satisfying and soul-fulfilling musical experience and that’s why true music lovers around the world remain crazy about instrumental music. And if you are somebody who loves instrumental music, Madoca’s Youtube channel is a perfect place for you to find your next favourite song.

MADOCA is a renowned pianist and music composer who has performed all over the world. Her style of music includes Jazz Fusion, Soul, Salsa, Funk, and Contemporary/Classic Jazz. She started learning music at the age of seven only and has never looked back since then. She plays music with a passion to nourish the minds and souls of the listeners and has worked with several renowned music composers around the world. 

Her official youtube channel brings to you all of her best songs and performances along with some of her personal moments. So let’s dive right into the world of beautiful music and listen to some amazing songs from her channel.

This is the official version of Madoca – I Feel You. Madoca was motivated to write this song during the Covid epidemic, which had a damaging effect on people’s morale all across the world. For this song, she has been honing her skills to dynamically perform the contemporary sub-Jazz genres with a hint of Funk. Madoca hopes that that beautiful piece of music will help the listeners to raise their spiritual vibrations and make them feel a bit more positive about the situation.

This is another amazing song from her channel. Produced by award winning keyboardist, Bob Baldwin, and written by him and Madoca together, this song is one of the Most Added in Billboard and has been on the Smooth Jazz Top 100 Chart (2018) for 4 months in a row.

This is a really amazing youtube channel for anybody who loves music. Whether you are deeply into instrumental music or not, if you are a true music lover, you should definitely check out these songs. They are sure to provide you with a sense of true musical pleasure.