EDM music or Electronic Dance Music has surged in popularity in the last few decades. It’s very different from conventional musical songs, almost lacking lyrics and musical instruments as well. For this reason, some people criticize it, but being different also attracts a lot of people towards it. EDM songs seem to have an energy of their own and today, many people passionately love the EDM genre. If you are one of them you are at the right place!

Exciting EDM Music

Josh Real Music is a youtube channel by Josh Real. He is an award winning Bass/House/Progressive EDM artist and producer from Dallas, Texas. He is a passionate artist who values music as a means of expressing himself, his emotions and his energies. He decided to create music after the heartbreaking incident of the death of his parents. EDM music inspired him the most and gave him a way to lift his mind off that tragic incident, and channelize his emotions and energy to do something great and creative. Today, while he is still a beginner in the EDM music industry, he has already started to make his mark and is receiving a lot of love from listeners worldwide. 

Let’s check out some amazing songs from his channel!

The song – “Bring me out of the dark” is inspired by his real life. The way music and his passion for it helped him bring himself out of the dark times. And this song represents that energy. Like most EDM songs, this song has minimal lyrics and the music itself has a lot of meaning. That’s why people love EDM. With no lyrics to disturb you with meaning, you have a pure form of music. Music that allows you to forget everything and dive deeply into the pure rhythms. It allows you to detach from the world, lives in the present moment, feels yourself and know yourself better. And EDM tracks like this always cheer you up and help you focus on the best in you.

Now check this one out – The EDM Anthem. Another piece of amazing music from Josh Real, perfect for the occasions when you throw a dance party with your friends or even if you just want to dance alone. It’s a kind of song, listening to which you would like to surrender yourself to the music and the rhythms guide your body and soul!

If you are a fan of EDM tracks, this is certainly a great channel for you. Listen to these songs and you will realize that they sure are worth a place in your playlist. So subscribe to this channel if you like the songs and also let us know what the songs made you feel in the comments section below.