There are no boundaries to what can be achieved with music as an art form. Music is an art form, and those who are passionate about it and have the right skill always shape the music in their unique style. A wide variety of musical genres exists, however, in recent years, Rap music has become increasingly popular, particularly among the youth. Rap represents the energy of today’s youth. But most importantly, it allows them to express their feelings and tell a story about what they are going through. It has the rhythm and beats that blend perfectly with the words, and makes the expression of feelings more effective. 

It’s as if a rapper is expressing himself poetically, expressing his innermost thoughts and feelings with musical beats complementing his emotions. Rapping, however, isn’t something everybody can do. You need to have that passion and energy. And if you are looking for such inspired artists, we have just found a great one for you!

Madae is a rapper who debuted on youtube in 2016. He is a 19 year old artist who has been passionate about rapping since the age of 10 when he also did his first on stage performance. Since then he has never looked back and only improved as a musician and rap artist. He learned to mix and master music on his own. He also edits and shoots his own music videos. On his youtube channel, you will find many of his best tracks and official music videos, along with some other interesting stuff from his life.  

For all those who are crazy about rap songs, here are some of his best songs for you to check out!

By listening to his music you can feel the energy and passion that he has for music. The beats are catchy and the words are inspiring. The fact that he does all the work on his own, right from writing the songs, to composing and mixing the beats, and making and editing the videos; it shows how much he is driven by his passion for music. 

So if you love to listen to rap music, then you should definitely watch these videos. Just listen to the music, let the beats and the words drive your heartbeats and also share your thoughts about these tracks in the comments area below.