The lives of the present times have detached us a lot from nature. There are concrete structures all around us, people around us are busy not in doing what they like, but earning money, food around us is more composed of junk than natural substances, and the environment around us consists more of poisonous gases than healthy air. What we need is to attach ourselves back with nature and spend more time in natural surroundings. But for those who may have some difficulty in traveling from city to natural landscapes, here we have a perfect youtube channel that can help us to get at least virtually close to nature and take a pause from our stressful lives.

Sanctum – The De-stress Channel is a youtube channel that is all about getting closer to nature. This channel presents us various beautiful sounds and videos of natural landscapes like forests, waterfalls, rivers, birds and animals, gardens, and of various natural events like rainfall, thunder, burning campfire, etc., along with their soothing sound. It has been scientifically proven that viewing scenes of nature and listening to natural sounds relaxes the nerves of our brain and releases happy hormones in our body. It also helps us to relax and sleep better and also improves our focus. Natural sounds are also considered to improve our ability to meditate by allowing us to focus better. Let’s have a look at some of these videos.

These videos with natural scenes and sounds are just amazing and healing. We can watch them to divert our attention from our stressful lives and forget everything to just enjoy nature for some time. We can also listen to those relaxing and soothing sounds of nature to relax, reduce stress, take a good nap and deep sleep or for improving our focus while working, studying or meditating. We can also take out ten minutes everyday in the morning to watch these videos and reset our mind and recharge our batteries for the upcoming day.

Final words

Human beings are constantly striving to create more and more wealth, building bigger cities, cutting more and more trees and in this process distancing themselves from their own realities and nature. No matter how much wealth and assets we accumulate, these things can never give us a supreme sense of happiness and satisfaction. Because we humans are natural beings. As a natural being we ourselves are a part of nature and this is our reality. This is why we need to be more close to nature.

But for those people who (or in those situations when we), don’t have the resources and time to get close to natural landscapes physically, this channel allows them to be close to nature virtually and give our mind the same sense of relaxation and satisfaction as it would give to be actually close to nature. So get on this wonderful journey of calm and inner peace with Sanctum – the de-stress channel and do share your experience with us and our readers in the comments below.