I am a big fan of music. And therefore I remain in a constant search for new musicians and songs to satisfy my never ending thirst for great music. And this time, while browsing youtube I stumbled upon a music channel, the music of which has the quality to fascinate our ears and melt our hearts. It doesn’t happen everyday that I find a music channel that actually has good music, therefore whenever this happens I get very excited and feel like immediately sharing it with you guys. So get ready to treat your ears with good music and read on to know about today’s channel.

Two4Seven GH is an emerging music artist from Ghana. He is a versatile singer and songwriter who is making waves with his new songs. Two4Seven is a new music channel and has few songs as of now, but the artist loves to keep bringing new and good songs for his fans to listen to every few months. The artist is passionate about music and composes the music as well as writes the lyrics himself. And his love for music reflects in his songs in an evident way.

Let’s have a look at some of his songs. He recently has a new release that goes by the name of “Am Coming.” It is about the lovers who have been caused by the situation to leave their partners, but now they decide to fight the situation and come back to their love. 

The other song from his channel that I liked is “BRA.” The song is written and sung in spanish, which i barely understand, but i still loved the music and feel of the song.

By listening to his songs you realize that, although the artist is new on youtube, the quality of his songs has the maturity of an experienced artist and it has everything that constitutes a good song. So tune in to his channel now and listen to all his songs. Also don’t forget to share with us what you experience has been by writing in the comments section below.