Music has been used as a form of therapy for centuries, and with good reason. It is a natural medicine that can heal the mind, body, and soul in ways that traditional medicine cannot. Whether it is listening to soothing melodies or creating music yourself, music therapy has been proven to reduce stress levels and anxiety while improving mood and overall well-being. The rhythmic beats and harmonious tones have the power to transport us to another world where we feel safe, happy, and at peace. 

Music therapy also helps individuals cope with physical pain by distracting them from their discomfort allowing them to focus on something positive instead. In this magical world, there are many people who have pure passion for music like this doctor. Let’s check out his passion for music via his YouTube channel-

ELDoKtoRmusic is a musical YouTube channel where you can enjoy the musical pieces created by an aspiring Doctor who has immense passion for music and creativity. He also shares music videos in conceptual form to share his talent. He has shared his live Piano, Flute, and singing videos. Along with Doctor the admin is also a Video editor, Photoshop Designer, Music Player, and a Movie Director.

Nature of Videos

The videos of ELDoKtoRmusic are musical and conceptual by nature. You can also enjoy his musical videos that are shot on a conceptual basis. You will definitely feel his passion for music. Let’s check out some of his creation-

fi baly Mohamed Hamaki – Cover Eldoktor Music

Ramadan Zaman series songs, new distribution, 4D Music, listen to it by hand

As a medicine student, it may seem as though there is little room for anything else beyond the world of science. However, for one particular student, music has become an integral part of their life and serves as a much-needed escape from the rigorous academic demands of their field. This passion for music has even led them to create a YouTube channel titled “ELDoKtoRmusic” where they showcase their talent in composing original pieces and covers of popular songs.