Piano is one such great musical instrument which is loved by everybody. Piano is popular among both the musicians and listeners and is also the favourite instrument of those who are new to music. It is because the piano is an amazing instrument. It is versatile enough to be able to produce 88 different pitches spanning over 8 octaves, which is sufficient to excite even the most advanced musicians. At the same time, it is also easy to play that attracts those who are just beginning their journey of music. Finally the melodious sound that it is able to produce makes it a favourite instrument of many music lovers out there. 

Are you a piano lover as well? Whether you like piano for any of the above reasons or for all of them, the channel that we are going to discuss will surely excite you and you will love to watch it. 

Richard Yang is a youtube channel by Richard Yang himself. He has been passionate about music and piano since his childhood, but fate drove him towards electrical engineering for earning a living. Although his heart has always been and is still into music. And he makes sure that he always takes some time off to devote to what he loves, that is obviously, playing piano. Through his youtube channel, he shares with us his beautiful works on piano.

Let’s enjoy some videos from his channel!

This is one of hsi most beautiful piano works in which he plays a piece of music from the final fantasy games. All final fantasy games have amazing pieces of music that run in the background and its piano collection is world famous. Richard also like finally fantasy music a lot and he in fact has a whole collection of final fantasy music played on piano by him. You can find all these songs organized by parts in the playlist section of his channel.

This is another video from his channel in which he teaches us to play the song Liberi Fatali from the Final Fantasy part 8. He sometimes makes such piano lessons on requests from his fans. And we must say that he does an amazing job at breaking down the complex area of the music into simple parts so that it gets easy for a beginner to understand. If you also want such piano lessons from him, you can request him along with mentioning the song for which you want it.

This youtube channel is certainly a great place for both piano lovers and players. Even if you are a normal guy who is not too much into piano, but just likes good music, you should check out this channel as it has a great collection of all types of music that will surely entice your ears. Also don’t forget to subscribe to his channel if you like his videos and let us know what you feel about his piano works by writing in the comments section below.