Anita Andreis, a multi-talented artist hailing from the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, possesses an awe-inspiring array of creative abilities. As a music producer, her ingenious mind and keen ear for sound have allowed her to craft melodic masterpieces that captivate audiences worldwide. A singer-songwriter with a voice that effortlessly weaves emotions into every note, Anita has the rare ability to transport listeners to ethereal realms through her lyrics and melodies. However, it is in the realm of film music where her talents truly shine brightest. If you want to enjoy and watch out her works, then you must check out her YouTube channel-

Anita Andreis

With an innate understanding of storytelling through soundscapes, she has seamlessly blended harmonies and rhythms into numerous films, TV shows, theatre productions, and ballet performances – both independent gems and acclaimed commercial endeavors alike.

Nature of Videos

The videos of Anita Andreis are artistic, musical, creative, and entertaining by nature.  Through expertly crafted videos showcasing snippets of her musical genius at work alongside behind-the-scenes footage and engaging discussions on industry trends, she provides a truly immersive experience for viewers around the globe. Let’s check out some of her works-

Anita Andreis ▶ The 39 Steps (Original Theatre Show Soundtrack)

➤Anita Andreis ∣ Last War (Official Video)

YouTube channel titled “Anita Andreis.” This digital haven serves as a captivating platform for Anita to showcase her unparalleled abilities in artistry, music production, singing-songwriting, and award-winning composition. Renowned for her profound contributions in the realm of film music, Anita’s enchanting melodies have graced a myriad of films, TV shows, theatre productions, and ballet performances – both independent and commercial alike. 

Anita Andreis


In order to take her passion for creativity even further, Anita has launched a captivating YouTube channel titled “Anita Andreis”, where she shares her exceptional talents with fans worldwide. On this digital platform, viewers can expect to experience a world of enchanting melodies and breathtaking compositions that showcase not only Anita’s unmatched artistry but also her unwavering dedication to producing top-notch content.