Before starting this article, I would like to say that I am a big music buff, so I am always searching for new, incredible music artists and talents who can blow my mind away. A few days back, I was surfing around YouTube to find something to listen to at night and bumped into this fantastic Croatian/Italian pianist channel named Nina Music. I love it when girls rock in any field, be it music, science, or something else. So, I couldn’t control myself and got lost in her YouTube channel and found out that she got a lot to offer to the world. But the subscribers count on her channel was not doing justice to her talent. So had to make an article about it!

What is Nina’s Music YouTube Channel All About?

Nina’s music YouTube channel is owned by a gorgeous and incredibly talented musician with a fantastic grip over the piano named Nina Feric. When you visit her channel, you will find vibrant piano tunes with extreme emotion; whether sadness or happiness, she has it all. She is a one-woman army and is a songwriter, producer, composer, and pianist all at once. The purity I felt while listening to her music was insane, and it made my eyes teary. But the best part about her channel is that she is not shy of collabing with other artists who can play other musical instruments that create a beautiful symphony and a lovely instrumental song.

Anyone who likes music will agree with me that the piano is one of the most soothing and calming instruments, especially in these times when there is only suffering around us. And on a platform like YouTube, the content is very repetitive, which gets annoying sometimes when you want something refreshing, and you keep seeing the same things. After the busy routine, you want to listen to some relaxing music to suppress the noise around you when you come home. Nina’s music is perfect for when you are dealing with something negative or when you are stressed about something.

My favorites

Now it’s time to discuss my favorite videos on Nina’s music YouTube channel that might not be your type, or maybe you like something else that I’m not too fond of. But the truth is that every single video on her channel is worth watching and listening to, so I couldn’t pick one; instead, I’ve picked three of them.

Serendipity – Feeling Good

The song I like the most on Nina’s music channel was ‘Serendipity,’ and as the name suggests, it is such a beautiful Supreme song that you won’t be able to stop yourself from crying. The minute she starts playing with the piano, thoughts start coming to your head about life and your motive. It is so peaceful that you will forget all your stress for some time, and you will zone out to a wonderland that she has beautifully shown in the music video. The song has excellent continuity when it comes to the pace, and it will make you release all the negativity in your head and start feeling good for real.

Marta’s Song

The second best on Nina Feric’s music channel is Marta’s song which is no less than a lullaby. If you have kids in your home or sleep-deprived or insomniac, I would 100% recommend watching this music video. It will make you sleep regardless of the thoughts in your head. The piano music is very soft that it almost hugs you and feels like a warm blanket on a cold, harsh night. The animation she used is of kids going to sleep, so it will help you relax.

E. Clapton/J. Gordon – Layla

That the first video I saw on Nina’s music YouTube Channel was Nina’s incredible collab with Carlo, a professional guitarist, and Roberto, who kills at the drum game. And of course, our beautiful star of the show, Nina Ferric, took control of the piano sector. The whole performance was a cover of the song Layla, and it was a surreal experience because the original is a masterpiece, and they made it 100 times better.

Final Words

So, that was all about Nina’s music YouTube channel, and I hope that you will check it out and suggest it to your friends and family if you have good music taste, of course. For more awesome content and to keep discovering new talents like this, stay tuned.