Guitar is one of the finest musical instruments. It has a unique and a very melodious sound, due to which, you would probably find nobody on earth who doesn’t like guitar. Guitar is also a really versatile music instrument. It can create perfect sounds for a romantic mood, but you can also play it for background music for a WWE fight scene, in a rock party, in a sad and grim mood and in numerous other situations. Due to its  versatility, it is also the most favoured choice of expert musicians.

Everybody loves guitar but at the same time it is not an easy instrument to play. There are hundreds of types of guitars available in the market each with their different sound qualities and on top of this playing guitar is itself a complex process that takes years to master. However, today we have found for you a perfect YouTube channel that will surely help you to make your journey to mastering guitar a little bit easier.

All About Guitars!

Joost Nusselder is a YouTube channel by Joost himself. He is a passionate musician whose heart lies at guitar. He loves to try out new music instruments and various types of guitar play music on all of them. However he and his team love to spread their love and knowledge of guitar and music. He therefore created this youtube channel back in 2015 to help fellow musicians and beginners in their journey and make it more interesting as well. On his youtube channel you will find several guitar lessons and exercises, several guide videos including playing guides and technical guides for guitar beginners, many reviews of different types of guitars and much more. 

Let’s have a look at some of his videos!

This is a video from his “guitars for beginners” playlist. There are hundreds of varieties of guitars available in the market. This makes it really difficult for beginners to decide which one is for them. In fact not all the guitars are suited for beginners as there are several complex variants available. The beginners need a guitar which is more basic and comparatively easy to understand and learn. To help the beginners, Joost reviews some of the basic guitars that are perfect for beginners to start their journey.

This video belongs to one of Joost’s guitar lessons. Joost has made several guide and lesson videos that help us master certain guitar basics. There are also many videos in which he shares and guides us about a trick that can make us a better guitar player. 

This is a perfect youtube channel for those who love to play guitar and are on a journey to master them. Watch these videos and make your journey more productive and interesting together with Joost and his team. All the best!