Everyone loves the sound of the guitar. It is in fact among the finest musical instruments all thanks to its unique melodious sound. Additionally, the guitar is an insanely versatile instrument. Possibilities are limitless with a guitar and  you may actually play blues, jazz, rock, funk, or reggae all with the same instrument. Even more incredible is the fact that it is capable of playing many notes at the same time. With this instrument, the possibilities for creativity are endless!

Although, let’s face it, guitar is a great instrument but to become skillful at it, you’re gonna need some real hard work and time.  However the good thing is that you need not master the entire guitar to be able to play a song. There are a lot of songs that are composed of simply three to four chords . So you can start with a few chords and play songs based on them, until you are ready to make more progress.

And if you are looking for a good guide to help you with that, here is a great youtube channel which you should definitely check out.

Easy Guitar Lessons Grandpa Allen is a youtube channel that brings to you many practical and easy to grasp guitar lessons. The channel actually started as a private channel by a Grandpa to provide guitar lessons to his lovely granddaughter. Completing music theory and mastering guitar was taking a lot of time and she couldn’t wait that much to play some amazing songs, which is exactly what this channel helped her with. 

Later on, they decided to make this channel public so that other children who can’t wait or those who can’t afford expensive guitar lessons can get some quick practical lessons and start playing some beautiful songs. Let’s check out some amazing lessons from this channel right now!

This is a great tune for beginners because it is not only simple but also delightful to play. This lesson focuses on the song “Blowing in the Wind” and makes a great guitar lesson for those wishing to add another beautiful song to their list of awesome jamming tunes, campfire songs and sing-along songs. It just requires three to four chords and grandpa makes it even easier for us with his lesson. Watch the video to start playing the song right now.

Here’s another superb song lesson for all the would-be guitarists out there. Watch, learn and start playing!

This is the ideal YouTube channel for people who are passionate about playing the guitar and have a dream to master it.  Watch these easy lessons, play some beautiful songs and make your mastering guitar journey more productive and fascinating.