These days YouTube channels have repetitiveness in their content, but some know how to stay relevant and unique, like Tyler Platt’s YouTube channel. A bright, young, and enthusiastic guy runs the channel and keeps his audience entertained by his daily uploads. He has three main playlists on his channel named music, reaction videos, and motivational quotes series. Interesting, right? You don’t find many YouTubers do that. So, let’s dig in more into Tyler’s world.

What is Tyler Platt’s YouTube Channel about?

Tyler Platt’s YouTube channel is about many things, which is why he keeps his audience immensely entertained and doesn’t make them get bored. There are many reaction videos on his channel to other famous YouTubers videos and some short music clips that he creates on his own and you can see he might be young but he is very talented. Plus, a series of brief motivational quotes clips that he updates every day for people who need the motivation to kick-start their day.

Everybody should watch Tyler Platt’s YouTube channel because it has all the necessary elements that an excellent YouTube channel should have. The content is entertaining and connects on a deep level with the audience, and relatability is all we want from social media personalities. And most importantly, we do not want YouTubers to talk about their lives; we sometimes want them to say something that helps us. So, I think everybody who is looking for a fun channel to watch and at the same time want some life advice in the simplest way should watch his channel. I cannot stress enough that the timespan of his videos is very short, so that’s great.  

My Favorites on Tyler Platt’s YouTube Channel

Now it is time to talk about this blog’s most fun segment, which is my favourites on Tyler Platt’s YouTube channel. Instead of picking three videos from a single category, I will bake one from each so that you can go through all of his playlists and find out fantastic stuff that you have been missing out on.

Motivation Short 2021 (Day 46)

It is tough for me to choose only one motivational quote video from all the incredible videos, but day 46 was something that will always stay with me. The reason why I like this so much was that the pandemic covered the whole world last year. And we lost the sense of going out physically for work and setting short term goals in life to make it fun daily. And that is how we enter 2021, but now that the situation is relatively better, it is still challenging for me to accept that the world is back to normal truly. The video was all about setting up goals that motivate you to work hard to achieve them; in short, it gave me the push that I needed to go to work every day. 

Pirates of the Caribbean

Who doesn’t love Pirates of the Caribbean? It’s a classic, so when I saw the audio version created by Tyler Platt, I opened it immediately. You know, when you’re doing something already great, you have to do it perfectly; otherwise, it’s a failure. But our main YouTuber guy did that super unique, and I loved every second of it and wanted to listen to more audio tunes from him. 

Reaction to Mr Beast YouTube Rewind

We are all familiar with Mr Beast. He is one of the most extravagant YouTubers who always has big-budget videos. So, Tyler creates a lot of reaction videos on his channel, so one of those videos was a reaction to Mr. beast rewind video channel. And it was super fun to watch, so check it out.

So, that was all about Tyler Platt’s YouTube channel. And I hope that you will go and check him out and share his channel link face your close ones for them to experience the same happiness and joy that you will after watching his videos.