Music is something that enhances our mood instantly. No matter whether we are sad or happy or motivated, whether we want to party or celebrate a moment or tradition, whether we want to communicate ideas or spread awareness, or anything else, there is a style of music for each and every thing we want to do. Different artists from different corners of the world also create different forms of music and one such beautiful music style comes from Spain.

Spain has had a rich musical heritage and it’s still famous for its music. However, modern Spanish music has seen influence from pop music and encompasses a wide range of musical styles, from acoustic guitar to hip hop. Spanish artists make beautiful songs for every occasion or need and such music helps us live a happier life. Another thing that helps us live a happier and in fact, a better life is the wisdom of God and of learned people. 

And if you want to make your life better with beautiful music and with words of wisdom as well, then just stick with us. Because here’s a great youtube channel for you!

Mr Gari El MINISTRO is the official youtube channel of Mr Gari The Minister, better known as THE UNDERWORLD ELMPASTOR. Mr Gari is passionate about the work he does and is inspired to make the world a better place. With this inspiration, he begins to us this youtube channel to spread the wisdom of God as well as beautiful yet meaningful Spanish songs with us.

Here you will be able to discover and enjoy all of his content, including songs, musical videos, discussions and interviews on important life lessons and wisdom of God, and much more. Let’s see some amazing videos from his channel!

Here’s a really beautiful and meaningful song from this channel. The song shares the message that God has brought every person on earth with a purpose and that he has a plan for all of us. That’s why we must stay devoted to him throughout our life and believe in God’s plan. 

Here’s another amazing video from this channel which gives us a very important life lesson. Because you have faith in God, you shouldn’t just sit around and wait for things to happen to you. God teaches us that faith is not a thought, but it’s an action. You have to keep moving toward the goal while putting in your best effort, while not worrying about the results because if your actions reflect your faith, then God will take care of the results.

This is a great youtube channel that brings us songs full of melodies and meaning along with the wisdom to help us live a better life. It has many amazing and insightful videos so just watch them all and also share your own words of wisdom with us in the comments section below.