Music is a form of art and a form of expression. The imagination of a music artist allows him to give endless forms to music and express his emotions in infinite and creative ways. That’s why a true music lover is always in search of new artists who can satisfy their never-ending thirst for melodious and creative music. But what if a music lover also happens to be an avid gamer? And why not because both have many things in common as well. A game these days is never complete without exciting great music in the background. A music track accompanying a gameplay gives it a real feel and makes the gameplay more interactive and adventurous for us.

Most of the time we subscribe to different YouTube channels to follow our different interests. But wouldn’t it be nice if we can find videos related to our different types of interest in a single channel? I think it would sure be nice and today we have a great YouTube channel that serves the interest of both music lovers and game lovers.

Music & Games

Super Producer A1 is a YouTube channel by Antonio. He works as a music producer, studio engineer and sound designer. For the past 15 years, he has been composing music and aiding musicians with their musical projects. But he is an avid gamer as well. In simple words, he is a musician by passion and a gamer by hobby. On his YouTube channel he brings to some of the best music that he has created and from time to time also shares some of his interesting gameplay of the games he likes to play like Call Of Duty, Road Redemption and so on.

Let’s see some melodious as well as adventurous videos from his channel!

This is a romantic video song from his channel. The song is really a melodious and catchy one that will probably have you humming it for many days! It is a must-listen for any true music lover. Because those who are really passionate about music don’t like to miss any beautiful piece of music out there! 

This video is one of his gameplay videos. He likes to play many games and this video is about Call Of Duty which is one of his favourite games. And that is a game probably all of us like. So watch the video and enjoy this adventurous gameplay. See if you can learn a few cool techniques from this and improve your own performance at COD!

Whether you are interested in music or in games this channel has something for you in both cases. Primarily for music lovers, the artist seems really skilled in music and creates songs that are full of melodies. So listen to all its music videos and tell us how you like them in the comments section below.