The world is full of amazing things and two of them are games and machines. And those of like both of them are probably at just the place they would want to be. Because here we have got a lot of games to play and the machines called cars to repair and much more!

In a world full of stress, games allow us to forget everything and take a dive into a totally different world of our choice where we can conquer things and become a hero. Modern day games particularly are much more advanced and can give us a sense of thrill and feel of reality like never before. But games are not the only things that have advanced. Machines around us have become a lot more sophisticated as well. Take for example cars and computers. They represent a perfect blend of technology and beauty. And being able to DIY repair such a machine is another level of fun and satisfaction.

So if you are a person who loves to play games, repair machines or play games about repairing machines, we have found a great youtube channel for you!

Ziginsh is a youtube channel that is all about gaming and repairing. It is for those people who like to challenge themselves and seek adventure wherever they are. Repairing a machine is not easy and neither is playing a game. Both require precision skills and patience. And if you have what it takes or wanna become better together with the Ziginsh community then you are welcome. Here you can find many gameplay plus strategy videos for popular games such as Pubg and challenging games such as Car Repair Simulator 2021. 

Checkout this fantastic video in which Ziginsh builds the engine of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. It’s a repair simulation game and requires a lot of skill and knowledge about all the mechanical parts of an engine and the way they work together to give the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo its roaring power. Watch this video if you love cars and repairing your car yourself gives you satisfaction.

But that’s not all. Ziginsh loves all kinds of machines. And that’s why they repair computers here as well. And that for real. So if you wanna fix your own computer then you are again welcome here.

This is an amazing video in which Ziginsh upgrades his Lenovo Thinkpad to enhance its capabilities and give it more power and utility. Watch the video to learn the process to do it yourself.

This youtube channel has many amazing gaming videos for you to watch and enjoy, plus you can learn some cool repairing tricks from them. So watch these videos and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.