DJ Chabz is in the house for you guys. DJ Chabz’s beats are high energy and perfect for getting people moving. He often uses popular songs and samples them in his own unique way. His remixes are fresh and exciting, and always get people dancing.He has come with his unique YouTube channel to entertain you guyz. 


On DJ Chabz’s YouTube channel you can enjoy his best mixes. He has added powerful beats to his pieces. The final mix is very energetic and enjoyable. Anyone who wants to enjoy DJ feel at home or anywhere they want, can groove on his beats through his YouTube channel. There’s something special about DJ Chabz that gets people hooked on his beats. His YT channel has a unique sound that makes you want to move your feet. 

Nature of Videos

Videos of this YT channel are energetic and powerful in nature. Every DJ piece is designed and played with proper sequence and tone. 

Check out this karina Eid- Lesh La2 of DJ Chabz:

This video features DJ Chabz mixing and matching different tracks to create a unique and catchy sound. The theme, sound, aura, and every detailing of the mix is very unique and entertaining.

In his Bazaar Night original version, he has showcased his best talent. The entire piece is lovely and boosting. The beat is catchy and will get your feet moving, but the lyrics are also full of emotion and meaning.

I found his every mix grooving and attractive enough to dance. The videos are capable enough that the channel has got 1.06 k subscribers. DJ Chabz is one of those talented artists who knows how to create a moving and powerful song.



If you want to uplift your mood and groove on energetic beats, check out DJ Chabz’s amazing mixes at his own YouTube channel.