Learning about and getting to know places all over the world is made possible via the experience of travel. The world is vast, and its many corners are home to countless wonders.There is no dearth of wonderful locations to explore on any continent around the globe. Through travel, we are able to experience all of these amazing destinations, and  immerse ourselves in the local culture, cuisine, architecture, music, and way of life.

Holiday trips always enrich our lives and make them more interesting. Trips allow us to escape our regular life and focus on the natural beauty that exists all around us and in the world. We all need a little more colour in our lives, and that’s why so many people like travelling so much. 

However, expenses are always a true concern while travelling. But the truth is that, if you have the right knowledge, then you can travel at a much less price. And today we have discovered a great youtube channel that not just brings amazing travel videos to us, but also helps us travel at a low cost!

Hunter Talks is a youtube channel about travel and food. But it’s more. It’s about travelling and eating on a budget of just $80 per day for two people. The channel will assist you in locating reasonably priced places to dine and stay. The total cost, including travel expenses, food, drink, rent, bills, and subscriptions, is US$80 for two individuals. This price also includes incredible enjoyment and amazing experiences. And of course, some amazing travel videos which you can find on this channel. So let’s see a few of them right now!

This fascinating video compiles clips from his time spent in Cooma throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays, while he was there for a few weeks. He had a soft spot in his heart for the rushing river that ran through the countryside. It was a delight to stay in the neighbourhood of Cooma because everyone there was so kind and friendly. The Cooma Creek walk served as something of a daily retreat for him, and he looked forward to it so much that he created a time-lapse film documenting the whole length of the trail.

Here’s another video from this channel which features an amazing Italian Airbnb. It is an excellent place to stay and particularly if you are staying a little longer you can bargain for some really good price.

This is a really interesting youtube channel for anybody who loves to travel. There are many exciting videos allowing you to experience many amazing places and cost guide videos as well to help you manage your budget. Overall, there are many valuable videos for any traveller. So just watch them and start your journey today.