Travelling is an amazing activity that makes our liveliness to our lives. When we travel, we get to see a lot of amazing places, we get to have a lot of different experiences, we get to meet different types of people, see different types of culture, eat various types of cuisines and whatnot. Travelling adds colors to our life and that’s why many people love to travel a lot. And when you love something , you also like to talk about it and share your experiences with others and also listen to their experiences. If you like to travel a lot and you are one of those people who also like to listen to other people’s travel experiences and share yours, you are at the right place.

Enjoy fun travelling experiences

Gaute Grøtta Grave is a youtube channel cum vlog on travel and travelling experiences. Gaute and Catherine are passionate travellers, they like to travel a lot and love to share their experiences. On their vlog, they share beautiful and amazing experiences of all the places they have been while traveling. They share with us what they go to, what they do, what people they meet and many other amazing things and we can also share our own experiences in the comments on their youtube channel. 

Such vlogs are a great platform for travel lovers as not only they can enjoy watching other people’s experiences but they also get to have a very personal opinion about various travel destinations, based on which they can make their own plans. Lets see some videos from this channel.

In these videos, Gaute and Catherine share their adventurous experiences from Trysil. Trysil is a town in Norway famous for its wonderful ski destinations and cycling treks. They embark on an amazing cycling trek in the woods and the mountainous terrain and share their experiences as they enjoy the adventure and visit various places nearby. They also share with us all the relevant contact information for everywhere they visit to help us plan our own trip.

This is another vlog from their channel in which they take us ona delicious ride at Hennig Olsen. Hennig Olsen popular ice cream factory in Kristiansand, Norway. They are famous for producing 20 different types of ice creams and Gauthe and Catherine taste and test many different ice creams from there and tell us about their individual tastes. 

Gaute Grøtta Grave takes us on a fun and informative ride through their interesting vlog. If you are a travel freak and you love to check out new places, don’t forget to check out this channel and enjoy all its videos.