The experience of travelling is one that is sure to enrich one’s life. When we travel, we are able to temporarily escape the stresses of our everyday lives and take a moment to reflect on the natural splendour that exists all around us. There are so many stunning and relaxing natural landscapes to behold around the world; there are so many fascinating activities to try; so many delicacies to taste; and so many things to learn.

Taking a break from the anxiety-inducing routines of our daily lives and travelling the world could be one of the most enriching experiences that a person can have. When we travel, not only do we get to enjoy ourselves, but we also gain a sense of personal growth and success. 

You’ve arrived at the perfect location if you enjoy travelling quite a bit. For those who count themselves among people who like watching travel videos and getting a glimpse into the experiences that other travellers are having, here’s a great youtube channel.

Rudy Versacci TV is a youtube channel travelling around the world. Rudy is a very enthusiastic traveller who has a strong desire to see the world and loves to talk about the places he has seen. On this travel-themed video blog on youtube, he describes the amazing and adventurous experience he has had in each of the locations he has travelled. He describes the places he visits, the activities he engages in, the types of people he talks to, and a great deal of other interesting stuff. 

The great thing about his vlogs is that you get a very real experience of visiting those places. So let’s watch a few interesting ones right now!

Fort Beekenburg was constructed in 1703 with the purpose of protecting the Spanish Water. For a significant amount of time, the fort was successful in preventing the British and pirates from entering Curacao. Today is one of the most interesting travel locations for history lovers. Experience it directly in this video!

Here’s another video to watch and discover one of the most popular destinations in Colombia, the Parque Lleras in Medellin. Nice girls, excellent music, delicious food restaurants, talented street artists, and a lot more to give you an experience you will love.

These are really amazing videos that take you on an adventure to a variety of great locations all around the world. You will have the opportunity to experience those popular attractions, participate in the fascinating activities that are taking place there, enjoy some delectable cuisines, and acquire some new knowledge about them.

So if you like to travel, or you can’t go on a trip right now, just watch these videos, experience some fascinating journeys and also share your travel memories with us in the comments section below.