Do you love to travel a lot? I mean, why wont you! Travelling is such a great thing to do. The earth we live in is a beautiful place. There are a lot of wonderful and amazing places to explore. A lot of wonderful things to see. And many amazing experiences to have. 

Travelling makes us happy and feel satisfied at the same time. It enhances our knowledge of the world, allows us to see various people and their cultures, see wonderful landscapes, eat delicious cuisines and whatnot. Travelling in a sense satisfies our soul and is the best way to destress and detach ourselves from the present day hectic lifestyle. That’s why many people around the world love to travel a lot. And if you are one of them, you are about to find a really cool channel that you will certainly like. 

Israng Expedition is a youtube channel that debuted in 2018. This channel is all about exploring the beautiful places around the world. Israng says that he is on a mission to chase the horizons and collect great memories. That obviously tells a lot about the channel. Through this channel Israng shows us various places around the world which he has visited.

Lets see some beautiful videos from his channel

This video shows the beautiful Camotes island recorded through a drone camera. Being filmed from top using a drone, the video is able to capture the true beauty of the island. And we must say that Israng is a great photographer. Besides, the video shows us the island in detail and gives us an idea of almost everything that we can do there.

This another beautiful video from this channel shows us the iconic infinity pool at Singapore’s amazing hotel Marina Bay Sands. The video lets us feel the amazing experience that one gets at the infinity pool. Being in cool water, away from the crowd of the city in a calm and natural setting, and at such a height overseeing the beautiful city of Singapore; relaxes our entire body and mind. The video also tells us about all the important rules and procedures that we need to follow while planning a staycation at this pool. Besides, Israng also tells us about various amazing things that we can do at the Marina Bay Sands.

There is absolutely no doubt by now that the channel has amazing videos. And if you are a travel freak, then these videos are definitely worth a watch. So subscribe to the channel right now, watch its videos, and tell us what you think about them in the comments section below.