We get this life only once and therefore we must live it to the fullest. In order to truly live our life, it is important to slow down and experience the world around us as it is. Taking some time off from our busy daily life schedules and travelling the world around can be one of the most beautiful experiences we can have. Travelling is fun, travelling is enriching, it gives us a kind of satisfaction and also allows us to know a lot of things. It lets us experience the beauty of nature, meet a lot of people, see different traditions, taste delicious cuisines and so much more! And that’s why there are a lot of people who love to travel around the world and also to watch many travel videos on YouTube.

But travelling is not everything that is important in our life. And also on YouTube we generally watch different kinds of videos instead of just one for which we have to subscribe to different channels. Wouldn’t it be better if we get several types of videos for our different needs in one channel itself? It would be really good in fact. Therefore today we have found one such YouTube channel for you which is primarily dedicated to travel but also has videos on several other interesting topics that we would certainly love to watch.

Travel vlog with graphic desing & business ideas

Siraj Nalla is a youtube channel by Siraj. He is a businessman by profession and is passionate about travelling and various other things in life as well. He created his YouTube channel back in 2018 to share all his beautiful travelling experiences with us. But apart from travelling, he also likes to share any knowledge or expertise he has in any field with all of us. He shares with us his knowledge about travelling and getting the necessary documents required for travelling. He is a businessman and loves to share various business ideas with us and as a graphic designer, he also shares his graphic design skills with us. Sometimes he also makes videos about his personal moments and other exciting things in his life like workout videos, exciting challenge videos and so on. 

Let’s see some videos from his channel!

This is an exciting travel video from his channel, in which he shares with us the beautiful moments of his journey from Panama to Costa Rica. An exciting part of this journey is that it was a car trip and an amazing long drive experience!

This is another video from his channel in which he shares with us some cool and practical tips on designing and making posts on Instagram.

You can say this YouTube channel is Siraj’s personal vlog which is mainly about travelling, but also about various other things he knows and likes to do in his life. If you like these videos, then do subscribe to this channel, and don’t forget to tell us what you think about the videos by writing in the comments area below.