Travelling is such an enriching activity to do. Travelling allows us to be free of our daily life tensions and take a pause to appreciate the beauty of the world, the way it is. Travelling let’s have beautiful experiences, see the beauty of nature, experience different cultures, meet different peoples, eat tasty cuisine and what not. Maybe there is nothing in the world that is as satisfying and soothing to our soul as travelling. Or is there? 

Well, we can say that there is one other thing for sure that is equally satisfying and soothing to our soul if not more. And that is spending a beautiful time with our family. Spending some romantic moments with our life partner, seeing our baby grow, and experiencing their love maybe some of the most beautiful experiences that one can have. 

If you are a person who loves to travel, spend time with your family and love to watch related videos, there is a great YouTube channel for you that you should definitely check out.

Travel and Family Fun!

Miguel Philam Channel is an entertaining and fun youtube channel for you. Family fun, travelling, tasty food and family adventures are all on the menu. This channel is a personal vlog by Miguel Philam. Through this channel, she shares with us several interesting moments in her life. They include many of her trips with her husband and baby, amazing and lovely family moments spent with her husband and her cute baby, and many other interesting things that she likes to share with us.

This is an interesting travel video from her channel in which she along with her husband takes a trip to the wild Thru Safari in Florida. They share all the interesting moments of this adventure with us as they drive throughout the Safari, enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and meet various animals.

This is another amazing and cute video from her channel in which she and her husband are shopping with their baby. Mothers usually fall in huge love with their babies. They like every foolish thing that their baby does and in fact, they love it so much that they want to record each and every movement of that time and keep it with them forever. Miguel is also infinitely fascinated by her baby and loves to share with us several interesting moments overloaded with cuteness.

This channel has several fun videos that you will surely love to watch for light-hearted entertainment. If you love these kinds of videos then subscribe to this channel and don’t forget to tell us what you think about these videos by writing in the comments below.