We’re only given one chance to experience life. So, we must always attempt to make the best use of our time and live our life to the fullest. We can stick together and look after one another. We can have a pleasant laugh together, do something creative or exciting, learn something new, and in fact, we all can do so many more things in our lives!

It’s time to put our laziness behind us and take charge of our own life. We maintain a positive attitude, we try amazing new things, be happy and spread joy to those around us by remaining upbeat, and embrace life’s challenges head-on. It’s time for us to live a better life every single day. And if you also want to live your life like this, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we’ve discovered a fantastic YouTube channel for you.

The Clayton Blend is an amazing youtube channel cum vlog by the Clayton family. They are an interracial blended family who started their own vlog to share with you some fun, love and inspiration to help you deal with life and its challenges. They do hauls, tackle challenges, make delicious cuisines, keep their house clean, try to be a good parent, and do all other things that have to do with family, home and lifestyle. 

On their youtube channel, you will find amazing videos on a lot of interesting and inspirational stuff they do every day that makes their life better. So let’s see some of those videos now!

Parenting may be a difficult task. Particularly if you have a lot of children. And then if they are at  stages of life – teenagers, pre-teens, and toddlers. Giving them all the attention and affection they require while also doing what is best for each of them can be difficult to manage. However, patience is key. No stage of a child’s life is easy, and this is something that a lot of parents fail to recognise and appreciate. The Clayton family put on their big-kid-parent-pants and keep pushing through the challenges because these kids aren’t going anywhere; they’re here to stay. And deserve all the love and care at all stages of life.

This is a really fun video from this channel in which the family do some fun and creative stuff together. Funny LOL.. you may not want your children to be this kind of creative, but that’s the beauty of it. When you are a parent you just love to see your children even the weirdest stuff and some also like to participate with them as well!

This youtube vlog by the Clayton family is a really great one for anybody who likes light-hearted entertainment along with a dose of inspiration and motivation. If you like such stuff, do watch these videos and also share your thoughts with us in the comments area below.