Family is one of the best gifts that God has given to us. Family gives us a lot of love, it gives us its support at all times no matter in what situation we are in. And it can be a lot of fun as well. When a family is together and there are kids, everyday day can be an adventure!

In fact, spending time with family is very important for kids in particular. Kids are at a tender age and one thing they want the most is the time, attention and love of their parents and other family members. Kids may want toys, games, playing with friends, toffees and chocolates, and many more things, but having a fun time with family is what they love the most. 

And when the family is big, where they have grandparents, where father and mother give enough time to the family and where they don’t just sit but do a lot of interesting stuff together, it can be super fun! And if you want to enjoy these kinds of super fun videos filled with love and care of family, then we have found a great youtube channel for you. 

Jana & Family is a youtube channel that is all about kids and family fun. This youtube channel shares the amazing and adventurous journey of the super girl Jana with her family. You will see Jana grow from a baby to a kid and she is like the cutest and the naughtiest kid ever. She never stays calm and does a lot of fun, pranks, dancing, singing, travelling, eating a lot of food and what not. Jana with her mama, papa, granny, and the entire family does a lot of cool things and you are welcome to watch here and have fun.

Here are some amazing videos for you to watch and have some fun right now! 

Watch how the naughty Jana makes granny become a horse for her and carry her everywhere in a fun ride. But the granny is not to stupid either. She wants a ride as well LOL!. Watch the video to see all the madness and excitement.

Here’s another amazing video with a cuteness overload as the little kid Jana gets super excited and happy about a simple gift her father bought her. Watch her play with her gift and cherish the days of a kid when small things can bring so much happiness.

This is a really amazing youtube channel for anybody who loves to watch light hearted videos. Plus these videos come with a lot of love and cuteness. So watch all of them, have a lot of fun and also share your thoughts with us in the comments area below.