We all love to travel. We have some of our life’s best experiences while we travel. But we also remember those moments, when some of our trips didn’t go as good as we expected. Maybe we chose the wrong hotel, or our guide was good for nothing, or maybe it was flight experience that disturbed our mood, or what not. But the thing that is certain is that we always regret our own decisions after such trips. We realise that we could have better planned the trips or chosen better services, but we tripped there and got our journey doomed.

That’s why it’s important to do good research before we finalise travel destinations and services. We can always ask our friends, family and colleagues about these things, if they have been there, and make our decisions accordingly. Or we can simply switch to the internet for help. There are a lot of travel blogs, social media groups and youtube channels that can actually help us with this. Let’s talk about one such Youtube channel.

The Rishi Travels is a YouTube channel that is all about travel reviews and flight reviews. The creator is Rishi, a travel freak from Canada who loves nature and flies only on boeing! Joined YouTube in 2020, he aims to share his amazing travelling experiences with the entire world. His goal is to give all the travelers a better idea of hotel and airline services and help them make informed decisions. And that’s what goes a long way in making our trips amazing!

A pick of videos from this “Luxury travel” channel

I have picked one video each of hotel review and flight review from his channel. 

Rishi shows us in detail what the hotel looks like, what it feels like and how its services. He also mentions various interesting facts about the hotel and even shows us the food menu of the restaurants.

Rishi shows us in detail how the flight looks like and feels like during the pandemic and how the services offered by the planes are.

The good thing about these videos is that they present information without bias. Rishi simply shows us what he sees with some important facts concerning the place; he doesn’t put forth a lot of opinions of his own. With facts and videos, he leaves us to make our own decision of what we like and what not. 

Final words

This is a relatively new channel with just one year of presence on YouTube. And accordingly there are few videos on the channel. But the number of videos aren’t on my checklist when I share a channel with you guys; it’s the quality of the videos. So go checkout those videos for yourself and let me know your views about them in the comments below.