AND NOW WHAT? is a multi niche YouTube channel. The admin is involved in ‘n’ number of fun and full of life activities. The admin, Rick shares his daily life fun, work, travel, festivities, knowledge, business, and many more view points regarding various concepts of life. Rick also talks about life after retirement, which is one of the important phase of every middle age person.

Retirement brings with it an endless array of possibilities, and Rick is here to guide you through this thrilling phase. From retirement jobs that keep your mind sharp and pockets full, to indulging in leisurely travel adventures around the globe, there’s never a dull moment on this channel. Join Rick as he takes you on captivating journeys, whether it’s whale watching off the stunning coastlines of Cabo or exploring the adrenaline-pumping pipeline trails. Discover hidden gems like Kia Camping in remote Mexican beaches or immerse yourself in the rich history of antique cars and planes at vintage car racing events.

Nature of Videos

The videos of AND NOW WHAT? are full of variety. They are full of life, uniqueness, and happiness. As the admin is an experienced person, he shares valuable moments of life he is spending with his family in very cute and creative manner. As the name says, there can be any concept, news, Holiday vlog, travel vlog, and anything you can find, nothing can’t be predict. Let’s check some of his vlogs-

ALASKA Roadtrip Day 4, Bush Pilots

Finished…TINY HOME

Being a middle age man, Rick is sharing a very important and essential message of not forgetting life even after retirement. World is full of fun, entertainment, happiness, and activities that can make you life ater retirement, a life full of joy and experience. Through AND NOW WHAT? YouTube channel you can easily understand what he wants to share with his vlogs. Also the vlogs are very unique and interesting, as they are not simple traveling vlogs, they also share their viewpoints and discoveries they find out through their experience.