We all live life. Or do we just spend it? Modern lifestyle has become so much centred around the progress that most people forget to live. From home to office and back, we live a life in confined spaces and remain busy in a rat race for wealth. We seek financial security. We live in areas which are safe. We get all our necessities by purchasing from the market. Everything is safe and secure about this lifestyle, but that’s what makes it boring and so full of stress as well. Because deep inside all of us seek some freedom and adventures.

But the adventure doesn’t come with a guarantee of safety and comfort, And maybe that’s the fun of it. Those who seek adventure get out of their comfort zones. They take control of their life into their own hands. They roam and wander, exploring and learning, and all this while living each and every moment. 

If you are somebody who is up for some adventures in life, then here’s a great youtube channel that you should definitely check out. 

Z&N Adventures and Builds is a youtube channel by a couple who realised that life in a large city apartment was not for them, and instead, they needed a greater sense of adventure and meaning while being closer to nature. They relocated outside of the city, found a new home, and are also making plans to construct an A-frame cabin close to a river. Along the journey, they do a lot of travel, go through adventures, grow their own veggies and a lot more. 

All this amazing stuff and their construction progress are what they regularly upload on their youtube channel. So let’s check out some of them right now!

This video is about their cabin construction. They rented a chipper to assist clear the area, and they hired a logger to help cut down some trees, all in an effort to make room for the base of the Cabin structure they were planning to build. They are excited to work on it and love to see their project slowly evolve and take shape.

Here’s another amazing video in which they embark on an expedition to gather wild blueberries on an island in a lake. They stop along the route to gather their wild blueberries, but also go boating, and swimming, and when they get back home, they make wild blueberry waffles for breakfast.

This is a really amazing youtube vlog for anybody who enjoys some adventure and travel. There are many interesting videos on this channel, so watch all of them and don’t forget to share your thoughts about them in the comments area.