Vlogs are a really popular and fantastic way of content creation these days. Content creators love and so do the viewers. For creators, it’s an amazing way to establish a connection with their audience and the audience also loves it when they feel connections. . Viewers are able to learn more about their favourite personalities and experience their life firsthand through the means of vlogs. Vlogging allows people to freely express who they are, and it also becomes really easy for them to share their experiences and knowledge just like they are talking to a friend.

People enjoy watching other people’s vlogs to gain perspective on their own lives. The sincerity and straightforwardness with which they portray themselves serve as a wellspring of motivation, and it often enlightens us regarding the purpose of our own lives. In most cases, we are given the opportunity to observe how other people deal with the various circumstances of life in a cool way as well.

And if you love vlogs, here’s an interesting vlog from an Indo-Canadian girl, with lots of amazing and entertaining videos to watch.

Chandrika Sreejith is famous as actor JaiDhanush’s Sister but has quite a bit of her own fan following as well. She received many requests from her followers that they wanted to stay more connected with her. And that’s why she started her own Youtube channel cum vlog to share the things she does, her life experience and her knowledge with all her followers. 

In this channel, you can see the beautiful locations she visits, some useful information and knowledge stuff, some fun videos and other updates about Canada where she lives currently. Here are some interesting videos from her channel for you to enjoy right now!

Marineland is a thematic zoo and adventure park located near Niagara Falls, which is in the province of Ontario, Canada. The amusement park features performing animal shows with marine animals, displays of marine mammals and land animals, as well as rides. It has beluga whales, dolphins, sea lions, and even an orca in its care. The park is home to a variety of terrestrial animals as well, including bears, deer, and others. It’s a really great place to visit with your friends and even better with your family.

Here’s another interesting video that talks about the school system of Canada. The video explains Canada schooling system properly, so if you are somebody planning to shift to Canada this video is going to be helpful for you. Though you can also watch it to complete your knowledge of school systems around the world.

Overall it’s a really good youtube vlog with a variety of interesting videos, fun videos, and some knowledge videos as well. So if you love vlogs, you like to watch about Canada, and particularly if you are a fan of Chandrika, then make sure to watch these videos. Also, share your thoughts about them in the comments section below.