Wise men say that it’s not the number of years we live that matters, but it’s about how we live during whatever time we get on earth. No matter how much we live, life always feels short and this feeling can only be overcome by living each and every moment. Wise men don’t wait for a good time to come in their life, but they try to enjoy and make the best use of whatever time they have. 

We can have fun with our family. We can spend some time in nature listening to the soothing sounds. We can travel around and have many beautiful experiences. We can explore many exciting products and buy the ones that make our lives better. We can explore new business opportunities. And in fact, there is so much more to do in life, these are just a few examples. And if you want to live a fulfilled life, then here’s a great youtube channel for you as well. Let’s check it out.

Ent Channel is a youtube channel cum vlog, that brings to us a lot of interesting and useful videos to make our lives awesome. The channel has random trending and celebrity videos, it has videos on money earning ideas, it has product unboxing and review videos, it has many travel videos and random amazing-experience videos as well, and in fact, it also has many soothing nature sound videos. 

This actually comes with a big variety of videos for all of us to allow us enjoy, learn and grow and make our lives better. Let’s check out some interesting videos from this channel!


This is a really amazing video from this channel that brings really soothing rain sounds to us. It’s raining on the leaves and grasses and the heartwarming sounds have a really great relaxing effect on us. In fact, it is proved by science that listening to sounds of nature is really healthy for our brain. And with a healthy brain, comes a better body health, better mood and consequently a better life. So just watch the video and feel calmer instantly.


Here’s another video from this channel that is also helpful for us. It’s a mobile phone unboxing and review video that shows us how the mobile looks and also mentions all its important features. And mobile phones are a really important part of our lives these days. Therefore it becomes really important to do proper research before buying one. Watch the video to know all the features of the new One Plus handset.

This is a really great youtube channel that brings to us a wide variety of interesting videos and also promises to keep coming up with more amazing and varied stuff on a regular basis. So just watch these videos and live a better life. Also tell us about some of your really interesting moments in life in the comments area below.