Vlogs are really interesting and satisfying to watch because we get to see the world directly from another person’s point of view. It’s like we are talking to them and they are sharing both the simple and exciting details of their day with us, just like we talk to a friend. And when that friend is somebody who is a ship captain, the talks are going to be really interesting. 

Life at sea is something that many people imagine sometimes but they know really less about it. It’s interesting and adventurous and sometimes difficult at the same time. And the vlog we are talking about today captures all of this life. And there is a lot more interesting stuff waiting for us in this vlog, and we will talk about all of them, but first, let’s check out this amazing youtube channel!

Alfarnes is our friend who works on Ferry and he loves his job as a captain. Through this youtube channel, he brings to us many of his experiences on the ship and some of his job moments as a captain. 

This video welcomes you to a  brief tour inside his cabin as well as the crew quarters on the ferry MF Hjelmeland. Together, they prepare meals, sleep, and carry out the duties associated with their jobs. In this video, he also shares with us a tragic or a fun event, during his time on Statsraad Lehmkuhl, which ultimately had a pleasant ending.

But as we said above, this channel brings to us a lot more interesting stuff. Our friend here is not just into ferries and seas. He is a big fan of technology trying new gadgets and softwares. So you can expect many tech related videos, gadget review videos, how-to videos and more on this channel. 

Here’s a review of a great online tool you can use to make graphics for your various online needs. Today most people have a presence online on some social platforms like youtube, Facebook, etc. Such platforms rely heavily on graphical content, and if you want to make them on your own, just watch this video to know about that amazing tool. 

In his free time, Alfarnes loves to play some interesting PC games and PlayStation games as well. He plays amazing games like Minecraft, FIFA, Battlefield and more. He also loves to try many new things, travel a bit, try different food items, try some art and a lot more interesting stuff. And he brings all the fun to us with his entertaining vlogs on this youtube channel. 

So if you have an interest in vlogs and the things that our friend Alfarnes does, then make sure to watch these videos and don’t forget to share your thoughts about them in the comments below.