We live our lives only once. And therefore it’s important to live it the best way possible. But it is not always easy to make the best of our situation. Life throws several problems and hard times upon us that makes us sad several times. Consequently, some of us tend to become less cheerful. Some lose motivation and spend their lives dull and boring. But there is another side to life as well!

Besides problems, life also gives us plenty of reasons to be happy and achieve everything we want. You just need to focus on the brighter side of things. And if you are a person who is ready to explore the brighter side, you are at the right place! We found an amazing youtube vlog that inspires you with the right dose of knowledge and entertainment as well!

Meet the Mekus Family. They are a positive and fun loving family who love to spread happiness and positivity around the globe, and that’s why they created their amazing vlog on youtube. On their channel you will find fun and inspirational stories that not only entertain you but teach you important life lessons as well.

So lets see some cheerful videos from their channel without wasting any more time!

This video tells the story of a homeless girl who gets a shocking news one day.  This story appeals to all of because of the massive homeless population that we all witness everywhere. This video is extremely emotional, and it communicates a deep message. The ending is unexpected and the  impact of the message is dramatic. Watch this video till the end to witness a very interesting and emotionally charged climax that will leave you speechless.

In this video, Maria shares with us her healthy and fulfilling breakfast routine. Breakfast is a very important part of our diet. Having a right breakfast in the morning can get us fully charged for the rest of our day while enhancing our mood at the same time. Consequently we feel cheerful and active all day that makes us ready to live our best life. Watch this video to learn more about great breakfast routines.

This youtube channel is perfect for anyone who likes to watch light hearted and motivational stories and get some entertainment and knowledge at the same time. If you are this type of person, you must watch all its videos and also don’t forget to share your thoughts about them in the comment section below.