Animation is a completely different and unique genre of movies and videos. While making a conventional video, the videographer records the scenes of the real world with a video camera; however in animation, it is nothing like this. Animation is a technique for creating a movie out of a series of static pictures. The photos are stitched together and then played quickly one after another to create the illusion of a live video. 

The greatest thing about animation is that it allows us to present whatever is there in our imagination in the form of a movie or video. While making conventional videos, we can only show what is there in the real world to the audience; but with animation we can show them our exciting imaginations. And that’s why there are many people who love to watch animated movies and videos a lot. And if you are one such person who likes animated content, we have a good YouTube channel for you.

Intresting Animated videos

Joey animatics is a YouTube channel by Joey himself. He is a school going kid and is really passionate about graphics and animations. He loves to make animated videos and therefore he made this YouTube channel to share his works with us. On his YouTube channel we can find interesting and humorous short stories in the form of animated videos. He makes a video for us every month and promises to come up with more videos soon. As of now, his channel already has some pretty good videos that any animation lover should consider watching. Here is a great video from his channel that I personally like!

This is a really interesting video from his youtube channel in which he shares with us a story of his personal life. He has got Scoliosis! Scoliosis is a condition of lateral curviness of spine that occurs most frequently in adolescence. Doctors around the world don’t yet know the real reason behind teenage scoliosis. But interestingly enough, Joey seems to have discovered the reason that caused his Scoliosis and he makes this video to explain to us the set of events that led him to this condition. Watch the video for yourself to know what happened. You will enjoy it!

Joey is just a beginner and is not an expert in the field of animation but he makes pretty good videos. So if you like his animations, do support him and subscribe to YouTube channel to watch all his interesting videos.