We all have a dream. We all have desires. We all love somebody. Dreams, desires and love; these are the elements with which we all live our lives. In our lives, we all want to fulfil our dreams, make true our desires, and live close to the people we love. But life poses several difficulties in our paths. How we deal with these difficulties, what decisions we make, how we overcome them, and what we learn during this journey, all of this makes our story. 

We all have a story. All of ours story has a lot of beautiful moments, and a lot of sad moments as well. There are important moments that change our lives forever and other moments taught us a lot of things. May be we all are not that different and have some similarities in our stories but some differences as well. And all of ours stories can teach important life lessons to each other. That’s why many people love to know and read about others’ stories. But what if such stories can entertain us as well? That would actually be amazing to read such stories. And that’s what our present youtube channel is all about.

Stories, Life advice and Entertainment

Kayed Said is a youtube channel about the life story of Kayed himself. An amazing story told in an even more amazing and entertaining way, that all of us would love to watch. 

A story that has lots of interesting twists and turns. Several happy moments that will make us emotional with some tough moments that will make us sad. It also talks about several important incidents that changed his life considerably or made him what he actually is. And the most important part of it all is about those times when Kayed had to take some impossibly tough decisions, and he did. And that is what makes him able to live the life of his dreams.

Let’s have a look

Here’s how his amazing story begins. When two persons from different countries and cultures, accidentally meet and fell in love with each other. They were his parents. And this event is a part of what makes him what he is!

By the way, On November 2, 1988, he was born in the old city of Elsinore, Denmark. He always felt unique and exceptional, and he aspired to be the greatest at whatever he attempted.

After a brief career in sports, I worked as a cook for the Danish Parliament. That, however, was not the sort of life he desired. And in order to do so, he had to make a number of difficult decisions. His amazing story can teach us several important things and entertain us a lot as well.

Do try the first few episodes which are linked above, and if you like them, don’t forget to tune in to his channel for your weekly dose of entertainment. Also, remember to watch the videos on his channel one by one as they form part of a single story.